Established 2015

We Are The Villagers

We Are The Villagers has made it their mission to help families and their children participate in extracurricular activities of interest to them. Whether sports, music, art or other special interests, they sponsor children in need so that they may take part in these activities without being restricted by registration fees and equipment costs.

Nominated by Gerry Marshall.

Our $15,000 donation was presented to a very surprised and happy Julianna Matyas of the Villagers in December 2015. The surprise donation became the talk of the town!

“We wish you tremendous success as the years pass by and urge you to keep a scrap book history of some kind starting with your first very successful event where 75 awesome men at Christmas time, no less, brought tremendous joy to a whole bunch of boys and girls as they learn that they all will be in a program of their choice for the next year,  What a way to start your journey as an organization! YOU GUYS TRULY ROCK!”
– Julianna Matyas, We Are The Villagers co-founder

Donation presentation to We Are The Villagers
Donation presentation to We Are The Villagers